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5 exercises That Will Leave Your Skin Looking Toned And Tighter

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With age, the skin loses its tightness and starts getting wrinkles and being saggy. That is one of the hardest things to deal with, which is why the anti-aging industry is booming. There are a lot of products and procedures that have been developed to reverse the effects of aging on the skin.

However, some of those products and procedures are expensive, and some people may not afford them. Also, some people prefer not to have too many chemical products on their faces.

If you are that type of person, exercises are the best choice. While full-body workouts will help you maintain healthy, toned, and tight skin, several exercises are specific to the face.

They all focus on toning or tightening the skin on different parts of your face.

1. Brow riser

We all love perfectly shaped and arched brows. However, as the years go by, they may become droopy due to constant wincing and skin sagging.

The brow riser exercise does exactly what its name suggests; it maintains your brow not only at its right position but also with its right shape. To do it;

  1. Bring your middle and index fingers together.
  2. Place them just above your eyebrows, and using a small amount of pressure, push down the skin of your eyebrows.
  3. Move your eyebrows up down while still pushing down the brow skin to provide resistance. Ensure you keep adding pressure, but do so slowly.
  4. Do six sets of those, with ten eyebrow rises per set.

2. Cheekbone lift

We all want to have well-defined cheekbones, and we try to achieve that by contouring our faces. However, the cheekbone lift can give you defined cheekbones, close to those Angelina Jolie ones, and they will be permanent.

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Bring your middle and index fingers together again in a closed peace sign, and place them over each of your cheekbones.

  1. Lift the skin on your cheeks until it tightens.
  2. Open your mouth such that it forms an extended vertical ‘O’. You will feel the resistance on your cheek, skin, and muscles. That tension is what eventually makes them strong and tightens the skin around the cheekbones, making them more defined.
  3. Hold that position for about 5 seconds.
  4. Repeat those steps to complete 10-15 sets.

3. Cheek squeeze

Making a fish face is something we do to take silly photos or entertain children. However, they have a lot more benefits to your face than just a silly photo. If you are tired of your chubby cheeks and want a slimmer face, check squeezes are the right exercise for you.

  1. Begin by moving your head way back, then thrust your chin forward. Ensure that you do not strain your neck too much while doing it.
  2. Suck both your cheeks in, and make the fish face. Ensure that you do not bite down on your inner cheeks, tongue, or lips. However, suck in as much as you can.
  3. Hold the fish face for about 5 seconds.
  4. Repeat and complete 10-15 sets.

4. Double chin workout

Double chins are one of the things that not only make you look older than you are, but they also make you look heavier. However, the double chin workout will give you a slim and well-defined chin and jawline.

  1. Stand or sit in a straight position, and pick the most comfortable position. Look up and move your head back, such that you can see the ceiling part above and behind you. Be careful not to strain your neck too much.
  2. Hold your head still and touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue. Alternatively, you could have your lower lip on top of your upper lip and move it the furthest you can. By doing either of the exercises, you should feel a slight tightness on your jaw muscles under your ears.
  3. Hold either of those two positions for about 20 seconds. Let go slowly and return to the normal position of your face without moving your head.
  4. Repeat to complete five sets.

5. Eye toning

The skin around our eyes is the softest on the face and the one that is mostly affected by old age and gravity. The droopy and saggy skin around the eyes not only makes you look older but also tired. Eye toning helps ensure there is no saggy skin.

  1. Place the middle and index finger of both hands under both your eyes in a ‘V’ shape. Press both your middle fingers down at the inner corner of the eye while applying pressure on the outer corners with the index fingers.
  2. Look up to the ceiling such that your upper eyelids are raised, making a strong squint, then relax.
  3. Repeat that about six times, then tightly close your eyes for 10 seconds.

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