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Are Jade Rollers Worth It?

The face is one of the body parts that give people the first impression about us. However, it is also the one that is prone to get affected by environmental factors and age. That is why there are so many skincare products and practices meant to help maintain the skin tight and smooth.

Jade rollers are one of such skin care products. They are beauty tools made of jade or other different types of stones, mostly rose quartz, meant for facial massage. To help with the process, the jade or stone is attached to a handle.

Some of the rollers have two stones of different sizes on each side of the handle. The bigger stone is used to get to the larger parts of your face, while the small one is used to get to parts of the face that are harder to get to, for example, the corner of the eye.

Jade rollers have recently gained a lot of popularity on social media, but they have been around for many centuries in the Chinese culture. The many people who have used Jade rollers on the internet say that they are effective for many facial improvements.

For maximum effects, experts recommend using Jade rollers every day, and preferably twice. However, before jumping on the trend, you have to understand everything about them to determine if they are worth it or not.

Advantages Of Jade Rollers

1. Help reduce skin puffiness

Jade rollers have the same effect as any other facial massage when used properly. Massaging your face improves circulation, which makes the skin less puffy. Blood in the circulation system moves at a constant pace.

However, the lymphatic system fluid moves slower, which increases its chances of getting stuck or retained in some parts of the body. That causes the skin to look puffy.

By massaging your skin with a jade roller, you increase the speed of the lymphatic system fluid, helping it flow out of the places it had been retained, reducing the skin puffiness.

Jade rollers also help reduce skin puffiness because they are cold. That helps the blood vessels contract, reducing puffiness.

By increasing the blood circulation on your face, it helps keep it luminous and bright. It also helps even out the completion, reducing red patches. By reducing puffiness on the skin, jade rollers help eliminate fine lines and eye bags, tightening the skin on your face.

2. Easy to use

Jade rollers are easy to use and fast. You do not need any special knowledge, apart from what is in the user manual. To use it, you have to first clean it and your face and ensure they are dry.

You should then apply a skincare product like serum or moisturizing oil all over your face to add lubrication and avoid irritation, then start using the roller. Ensure to use it in upward motions and avoid back and forth motions.

You should also apply some pressure when using it but be gentle at the same time. Massage all the parts of your skin, starting from the neck, jawline, cheeks, Nose Bridge, and forehead. Massage for almost a minute, then wash your roller according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Also, after using a jade roller, you do not have to wait for a long time before you see the results.

3. Helps distribute face products

When using the jade roller, you have a skincare product on your face that the jade roller helps distribute evenly. The roller also helps the product move deeper within the skin, delivering maximum results.

4. Improves mood

Using a facial roller to massage your face has the same relaxing effect that all other types of massages have. It helps relieve anxiety which improves your mood.


1. Not a permanent solution

This is perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of using a jade roller. You can’t get permanent results after using it for a short while. You have to be consistent with its users every day to get the best results.

Also, while it is perfect for getting rid of some fine lines on the face, it can’t be used to reverse deep wrinkles. It also cannot be used to deal with serious skin conditions like eczema.

2. May cause irritation and breakout

If you use your jade roller incorrectly or use a lot of pressure when massaging your skin, you might experience irritation and even breakouts. You cannot also use it a lot if you have active acne because you will cause irritation to the acne, aggravate its severity, and spread on your face.

3. May introduce bacteria to your skin

Since the jade roller works on your face, it may be a way you introduce bacteria to your skin. That happens mostly if you do not wash it properly before and after use or if you do not store it properly.

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