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Best Vitamins and Supplements for Dry Skin

Dry skin can occur at any time of the year. While most people attribute dry skin to only the cold months, it can actually happen if the air is too hot. Wood-stoves and central heating systems can cause dry air to become a problem. Hydration is a necessary part of skincare, but drinking water isn’t always enough.

Dry Skin and Diet
Skin can become dry for many reasons, but having the right nutrients is key. Even if dry skin is caused by a cold climate, it can be treated with the right mixture of vitamins. Skin-hydrating food does not have to be exotic or expensive, it just needs to be eaten.

Sweet potatoes are a tasty remedy for mild to moderate dry skin. Because it has vitamin A, the skin’s protective barrier can be strengthened. The best way to eat sweet potatoes is to include the skin. This root vegetable has double the dose of nutrients than many other skin-protecting foods.

Avocados are another natural remedy. Vitamin E also works for both hair and nails. While avocados do contain fat, they are considered extremely healthy. For those who want to get the benefits of skincare without eating, supplements can also provide important vitamins and nutrients.

Top 7 Vitamins and Supplements for Dry Skin
1.) Vitamin D. Low vitamin D can cause a variety of skin conditions, including a lack of hydration. Eczema and psoriasis may be linked to a deficiency in this vitamin. Adequate amounts of “the sunlight vitamin” can be found naturally in certain foods. Oily fish, red meat, egg yolks, and liver all have a high amount of this vitamin.

2.) Vitamin E. Skincare products are known to include vitamin E in their list of ingredients. The oil base of this vitamin is a remedy for skin inflammation. For cracked skin that may bleed or become irritated, vitamin E is especially effective at treating sensitive skin. While this can be taken in a supplement, it can also be found in many creams or moisturizers at the drug store.

3.) Probiotics. Probiotics are used to balance bacteria in the gut. By regulating the body’s intake, probiotics can help with certain infections. Probiotics can also keep skin retain hydration for a healthier appearance. This can be found in supplements or sauerkraut and kimchi.

4.) Collagen. These supplements help replenish the body’s natural reserve of collagen. To keep skin looking youthful with sufficient elasticity and a smooth surface, many anti-aging creams include this ingredient. In addition to smoothing facial skin, it can also decrease coarse or dry skin.

5.) Ceramides. Ceramides are actually fat molecules that help create the skin’s barrier. These specific lipids help lock in moisture to help hydration last longer. Known for smoothing eye wrinkles, creamides can also help moisturize dry skin. For a softer feel without itching or swelling, creamides are a successful option. Creamides are frequently found in creams and lotions, but can also be taken in a supplement form.

6.) Omega-3. This vitamin has an anti-inflammatory response that can block UV rays. By protecting the skin against sun damage, Omega-3’s reduce the likelihood of skin conditions from occurring. Not only can the skin stay hydrated longer from using this preventative measure, but it can retain hydration by fortifying the skin’s outer layer. Omega-3’s can be found in certain fish, but many choose supplements because they are easy and effective.

7.) Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is beneficial for multiple skin issues. This vitamin can improve collagen production, smooth skin discoloration, and tighten elasticity. When used for dry skin, vitamin C repairs damaged skin cells so that new regeneration can be made. Since vitamin C exists within the outer layer of facial skin, it can successfully retain water.

Preventative Methods
Depending on the cause of dry skin, there may be certain actions to reduce the likelihood of dryness. While the air has a significant amount of importance, dry skin can also occur from water.

Although hydration is usually considered a positive remedy for dry skin, taking long showers is not recommended. Hot showers can actually dry out facial skin rather than locking in moisture or hydration. Using warm water or limiting shower time can make a difference.

Allergic reactions are another reason for dry skin. When moisturizing, fragrant-free cosmetics work best for sensitive skin. Certain ingredients like harsh acids may also cause flaking or peeling.

Dry Skin Can Happen To Anyone
Dry skin can happen at any age to both men and women. It may be embarrassing if skin becomes flaky, but moisturizer and nutrition can help. Once the skin is properly hydrated, the glow can return.

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