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Top 5 Toners for Aging Skin

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A toner is a liquid-based skin care regimen that hydrates and helps get rid of dead cells from your skin’s surface. Your skin care routine cannot be complete if a toner is not part of it. There are various toners that you can choose from, depending on your skin type and need. Therefore, it is essential to know your skin type before you purchase a toner. A toner can help tighten your skin pores, restore the pH level of your skin, smoothen and improve your skin tone.

You can use a cotton ball to apply it to your skin. Do this, every morning and at night before bed. If you have a skin care routine, ensure that you always apply the toner before you apply your moisturizer.

As aforementioned, you have to know your skin type as it will help you pick a toner that meets your needs. Listed are tips you can use when purchasing a toner based on your skin type.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin easily gets inflamed and gets characterized by a lot of irritation and redness. If you have sensitive skin, ensure that you buy a toner that is gentle, alcohol free and also free of botanicals. Any toner containing any harsh chemicals will be problematic for your skin. Therefore, you should avoid any toner that contains harsh essential oils or plant extracts.

Dry skin

Dry skin is characterized flakiness or cracks, tightness and the pores are invisible. If you have dry skin, shop for a hydrating toner. Make sure that it also allows the absorption of a moisturizer

Oily skin

Oily skin is often prone to acne breakouts and shine. Anyone with oily skin should pick a toner that gently exfoliates and is also alcohol free. These toners help in clearing skin since they remove the dead cells form the skin’s surface. For instance, choose a toner that contains glycolic acid, or amino fruit acids as part of the ingredients.

Combination skin

Combination skin is also commonly referred to as normal skin. Certain areas of the skin can be oily and others dry. Anyone who falls under this category can use any type of toner as long as it is alcohol free.

If you are not certain about your skin type or what brand of toner you should use, it would be best to consult with your dermatologist. Listed below are the top 5 toners for aging skin.

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InstaNatural Vitamin C Toner

InstaNatural vitamin C toner is a hydrating toner that has up to fifty ingredients that aid in effectively priming, toning, moisturizing, and brightening the skin. It contains lavender oil and witch hazel oil, which reduce wrinkles effectively. It also contains methylsulfonylmethane with has anti-acne, soothing, and skin-lightening effects, and it also has age-defying properties. It is affordable, good for sensitive skin, makes your skin glow, soothes and refreshes your skin, quickly dries, and treats acne blemishes.

eb5 Anti-Aging Toner

This is an alcohol free toner that effectively tightens and tones your skin without drying it out or irritating it. It is best for aging skin, since it reduces oiliness, minimizes pores, gives a clear and fresh complexion, and moisturizes your skin. It contains sage extract, which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in reversing any signs of aging. It has cucumber extract that effectively reduces aging, and vitamin E, which helps cells regenerate and reduces wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin types, great for sensitive skin, tightens and moisturizes the skin, and reduces oiliness.

QRxLabs Glycolic Acid

This toner exfoliates dead cells, gets rid of excess sebum, evens the skin tone, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. It contains pomegranate extract, which is an anti-aging ingredient that encourages natural cell growth. Its key ingredients are ginkgo biloba extract, pomegranate extract, hydrolyzed rice protein, and glycolic and lactic acids. It smoothens the skin, minimizes pores and acne, revitalizes the skin, and is easy to use.

Alpha Skin Care Clarifying Toner

This toner is appropriate for oily to normal skin. It effectively improves the skin texture, tightens pores and removes any excess oil. It has witch hazel which reduces inflammation and reduces pores. It is an anti-aging toner whose key ingredients are witch hazel, chamomile extract, and glycolic acid. It removes make up, reduces oiliness, and does not dry out your skin.

Paula’s Choice Enriched Calming Toner

This is the best toner for anyone with very dry or dry skin. It is a hydrating toner that helps your skin recover its lost moisture. It contains hyaluronic acid, which reduces wrinkles, plumps your skin and restores its vigor. Its main ingredients are vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and hyaluronic acid. It does not sting, it moisturizes and soothes the skin, and tightens your skin.

There are various other toners that you can get for your aging skin depending on your skin type and budget. the above-listed toners can be found online. Always ensure that you read the ingredients of a toner or any skin care product to ensure that it is the right product for your skin type. Using the wrong products could worsen your condition. Consult with your dermatologist before changing or adding a new product to your skin care regimen.

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